Park in a click

Have you ever being late in a meeting you can’t miss while searching for a parking spot? Reduce your parking time is our mission.

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Sustainable cities

Reducing parking time will have positive impacts on city congestion and co2 emission (at least 10%). Nevertheless if you know in advance the average parking time at your destination you can choose a better transport option than car.
At KRAP we contribute to create more sustainable cities.

Krap AI assistant

Our approach to smart parking is different. We develop an artificial intelligence that create parking itinearies when people are close to their destination. A parking itineary is a route on the highest parking rates streets close to your final destination.

BiG Data

Our AI is feeded by real time anonymous data from people looking for a park. This data are collected and processed to compute the best itinerary.

No parking sensors

Current smart parking solution require custom hardware (parking sensors) install on road, making them expensive and difficult to scale (Bologna, which is a small city has more than 40.000 parkings spots). Krap is ready to be adopted on every city of the world.

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